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Welcome to Valdez, the ultimate natural playground. Here you can have a go at all the activities the Alaska is legendary for, as well as some that you might not have heard of.

Think of outdoor activities in Alaska and wilderness comes to mind. Every year, people journey to Alaska to taste the adventure found in the absolute wilderness.

This is also mountainous land and remote coast make for exploration and adrenaline-pumping adventures; from ice climbing up 600ft tall ice falls to navigating around iceberg filled lakes and inlets, to reeling in a 300lbs halibut to watching whales in a sea kayak or from a day cruise. From world-class skiing to hiking trails, helicopter tours to backcountry camping, the possibilities for getting active and remote in Valdez's magnificent wilderness are endless.


We have a lot of glaciers here in Valdez, Alaska, but they're melting pretty fast. Each year they're smaller than the previous, don't put it off if seeing glaciers is on your bucket list.
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During June, July, and August one of the most common comments we hear is that Valdez "looks like Hawaii with the steep mountain slopes covered in green and waterfalls everywhere."
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Alpine Backcountry

Valdez is home to some of the most majestic backcountry you can find in Alaska. With views of rugged mountains filled with glaciers that goes for miles.
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Whispering Giant

Trail of the Whispering Giants carving by Peter Wolf Toth
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Worthington Glacier

Worthington Glacier is a road accesible glacier in Thompson Pass
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Old Mines

Valdez is surrounded by abandoned gold mines.
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The Old Tunnels

Old train tunnels of Keystone Canyon are a popular stop.
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Northern Lights

Viewing the northern lights from Valdez is a visual delight.
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Whale Watching

Whales visit Valdez from April through September, while some orcas and others are resident.
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Salmon Spawning

Solomon Gulch and the area is home to large salmon returns.
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Easily accessible Valdez Glacier icebergs.
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Bald Eagle Feeding

Bayside RV feeds the wild bald eagles May-June.
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