Hiking in Valdez

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Valdez has many trails to choose from for hiking. Most of the maintained trails in Valdez are easy hikes without much elevation gain or loss. Some such as Shoup Trail can have a few slippery spots when it has been raining. Maintained trails are generally friendly for those of all ages.

Hiking on Thompson Pass has a few trail with ample elevation gain for great views.

Alaska Guide Co. offers private guided off trail hiking for those looking to travel further back into the wilderness.

Check out our Valdez outdoors map to see hiking trails.

Hiking in Valdez, Alaska
Backcountry Camping with Flights

Alaska Guide Co. offers guided backcountry camping packages that come include helicopter drop-offs and pick-ups for those who wish to enjoy the alpine backcountry without the hiking. They also offer drop-off and hike out packages for those wanting to see more from the ground without the uphill hiking that can be done in a day or extended as many days as you wish.

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Shoup Bay Trail

Shoup Bay Trail is a weather dependent trail. In dry conditions it's a great trail to hike out along Port Valdez. If it has been raining the trail can be quite muddy and slick with some flooding about 3/4 miles in on the trail. The trail hugs the base of the mountains with mild elevation gains, and then slopes down when approaching Gold Creek. Gold Creek is a popular turn around location for those doing Shoup Bay as a day hike. Gold Creek offers a nice place to cool off in clear water and offers shade and good berry picking opportunities. Learn More >>

John Hunter Memorial Trail

Solomon Gulch

The John Hunter Memorial Trail follows access roads and the TransAlaska Pipeline to end at Solomon Gulch Lake. The trail has a few short steep places putting it in the moderate category for difficulty. The trail offers forest, wildflower, waterfall, and mountain views.