Bear Safety

Black and Brown Bear Watching
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Be Cautious and Respectful

Bears are a popular attraction in Alaska, they're also one of the most dangerous. Bears are like people you can run into an agressive bear on a good day and not have any issues or a passive bear having a bad day and find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Agressive behavior to be aware of with a bears include hair standing up on the back of their neck, or hackels. Pawing or swatting at the ground. Chottling or clearing their nostrils The best way to exercise bear safety is using common sense. Don't make yourself appealing to a bear do not keep trash or food near you. Do your best to not surpirse bears. If you see a bear make sure it is aware of your presence if you are within 40yards/meters of a bear. Do not harass or approach bears within close range. If a bear approaches you keep calm and don't panic. Bear bells are not nessecary but if they make you feel better they don't hurt. There are no bear attacks on record in Valdez.

Bear Safety in Valdez, Alaska