Glacier Safety in Valdez

Be Mindful of the Glaciers
Use Extreme Caution

Approaching Glaciers

Glacier are slow moving big blocks of ice, as long as you don't fall in a crevasse you're good, right? In fact there are many things to consider when visiting a glacier.

If wanting to visit the glaciers around Valdez it is recommended to hire a local experienced guide. There have been fatalities at both Valdez and Worthginton Glacier.

Below are a few things to keep in mind, though we stress the importance of hiring a guide if you want to explore the glaciers.

Glacier Safety in Valdez, Alaska
Look Out Above
Check up High

When approaching a glacier look at what's at the top of the surface above you. As the faces of the glacier are exposed to the sun and air the surfaces melt back. Objects on top of the glacier have the glacier melt out from under them causing them to fall or slide. Don't be in the pathway of falling debris, even a small rock with enough momentum can do a lot of damage.

The image of Worthington Glacier shows a steep slope with a vertical wall at the bottom. There's a point where you're so close you can't see what's over the lip of the wall. Some of those rocks are almost as large as a Volkswagen bug.

Stay Off White
Stay Off Snow

If you're walking on a glacier do not step on seasonal snow (any snow that's fallen in the last couple years). Snow lacks the strength of glacier ice and can collapse exposing crevasses hundreds of feet deep.