Bicycling in Valdez

Ride Through the Mountainous Landscape
Where to

Cycle in Valdez

With our mountain terrain Valdez makes for many cycling opportunities from the Chugach Fat Bike Bash in winter to summer mountain bike riding in Thompson Pass, to just a calm road ride along the Richardson Highway or Valdez bike path.

For those looking to get around Valdez and see the area in at a calm pace the Valdez bike trail begins in town and covers 12 miles as it heads out the Richardson Highway then follows Dayville Rd around Port Valdez and out to Allison Point. With an average grade of 5° and all paved the Valdez bike path is enjoyable for all ages.

For those looking to start from town and do a little bit of light trail riding Mineral Creek Rd is about the only option. It is a semi maintained dirt road that goes up the narrow valley passing many waterfall, beneath steep mountain slopes.

Another good option for riding around Valdez in along the TransAlaska pipeline. It's a smooth dirt road surface making for a comfortable ride. The catch is it's designed to travel in a straight path so there are seldom any switchbacks making for steep climbs and descents in some places around 25-30°.

Cycling in Valdez, Alaska