Cruise to Valdez

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Kelsey Dock, Valdez, Alaska.

Cruise ships travel to Valdez, Alaska depart from 4 ports. Northbound vessels can be boarded in San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC. Southbound vessels can be boarded in Anchorage (technically Seward).

Valdez is serviced by 4 cruise lines during the 2020 cruise season; Holland America, Scenic Cruises, Viking Ocean Cruises and Windstar Cruises. All cruises for May and June have been cancelled.

Cruise in Valdez, Alaska
Plan Ahead
Tips for Your Alaska Cruise

Book your shore excursions ahead of time. Cruise ships are an influx to the small towns you'll be visiting on your Alaska cruise. Waiting till the last minute means some of the more exclusive tours you nay be interested in may be sold out weeks or months in advance.

Get a room with large windows or if you can manage it a balcony. Alaska cruises follow the shoreline providing constantly changing dramatic scenery.

Be prepared for a wide range of weather and temperatures.

Information at the
Kelsey Dock

The 600ft long John Thomas Kelsey Municipal Dock and it's plaza, were remodeled over 2018-2019 and host a new information center and restrooms located generally mid ship when you disembark. It is to the left of this building where most people will be picked up for their shore excursions.

Get Close to Nature.

Valdez Shore Excursions.

Valdez is a great place to get off and do you adventure excursions. With a wealth of glaciers Valdez has an array of tours to get you up close to glaciers.

Valdez, Alaska map