Ice Climbing Valdez

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Year-round Ice Climbing

Icefalls, Glaciers, and Icebergs

With the exception of April Valdez offers year round ice climbing. Valdez's abundance of glaciers allows for summer ice climbing adventures.

In winter Valdez's many waterfalls freeze over for fabulous ice climbing on ice falls. Icebergs in Valdez Glacier Lake also allow for ice climbing November through March, while the lake is frozen locking them in place.

Alaska Guide Co. offers guided ice climbing tours and rentals.

Find ice climbs on our Valdez outdoors map.

Ice Climbing in Valdez, Alaska
Year Round Ice Climbing Tours

Alaska Guide Co has year round ice climbing tours with the exception of April through mid June when climbable ice is difficult to access. Traditional winter ice climbing on ice falls can begin as early as November with hundreds of icefall ice climbing options in Valdez. Winter ice climbing can also include icebergs that are locked in the lake and features on Valdez Glacier. Summer ice climbing mostly occurs at Worthington Glacier but other options are available at special request.

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Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is one of the most iconic ice climbs in Valdez. A 5 pitch climb with a WI5 crux mean you'll be setting aside some time to climb Bridal Veil to the top. There's a large pull off for Bridal Veil Falls allowing for adequate parking. To access Bridal Veil Falls you need to cross the Lowe River which is usually frozen over in that section by January. There's also a cable to cross with if the river is not frozen.

Horsetails Falls

Horsetail Falls located just around the corner from Bridal Veil Falls. Horsetail Falls is a WI3 often done in one long pitch. Anchoring on Horsetail is usually done with a V thread or tying an anchor into the alder at the top of the falls. Horse tail can have periods of going in and out as the water running through it seems to stay warmer and it generally needs to drop into the low twenties or teens before it can recover.

Hung Jury

To access Hung Jury park at the Horsetail Falls pull out and walk down the highway towards Valdez a few hundred feet and cross the Lowe River. This crazy looking WI4 is know for its numerous and massive bells. You can rappel from the large alders at the top of the falls.