Northern Lights Viewing in Valdez

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Aurora's in Valdez

Valdez is far enough north for northern lights viewing and it provides excellent foreground opportunities for photography. Don't go to Fairbanks for another photograph of auroras with black spruce and boring landscapes, come to Valdez where you get real mountains, and water reflections.

When you come to Valdez to view the auroras there's also world-class winter activities in beautiful landscapes.

Check the NOAA cloud observations to see what cloud coverage over Alaska is doing.

Alaska Guide Co. offers northern lights tours in Valdez.

Northern Lights Viewing in Valdez, Alaska
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3 or Higher

The Kp-index is measurements from ground-based magnetometers around the world. It measures fluctuations picked up by the magnetometers. If the Kp-index is a three and the NOAA Aurora Forecast map looks like greater than 30% chance you should at least be able to see aurora glow with some pillars or ribbons over the period of a few hours. Anything greater than that and the auroras get better. On an amazing night in Valdez the auroras will be easily visible outside of town all night long with a couple burst throughout the night lighting up the sky enough to cast shadows.

NOAA Forecast
How's it Looking?

The NOAA Aurora Forecast map gives a pretty good idea of what your chances of seeing the northern lights will be. Usually if Valdez is covered in a green 30% or higher coloring you stand a decent chance of viewing the northern lights. Those nights of 30% might mean one good 4 minute show after 4 hours of waiting.