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Unique Paddle Experiences

What sets Valdez apart for our paddling adventures is icebergs. Paddle with the ice bergs in Valdez Glacier Lake, or sea kayak with the ice bergs of Columbia Glacier. Canoeing and kayaking gives you an intimate experience with the mystical blue glacier ice.

For your safety we advise not approaching icebergs or glaciers without the presence of an experienced guide.

Alaska Guide Co. offers guided canoe tours around Valdez Glacier Lake.

Pangaea offers guided kayaking tours around Prince William Sound and the tide water glaciers.

Canoeing & Kayaking in Valdez, Alaska
Private Valdez Glacier Tours

Alaska Guide Co. offers private guided canoe tours up to Valdez Glacier and around the icebergs of Valdez Glacier Lake. See the blue glacier ice and possibly enter an ice cave or tunnel through an iceberg. Their tours are designed to support everyone of all ages and abilities. Guides paddle the canoe leaving passengers to enjoy the scenery and have their camera's ready in hand. Their is no minimum age and it is a private tour making it the perfect option for families. Children under 12 receive discounted rates.

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