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Richardson Highway.

When driving to Valdez there is only one way in and out. There are many ways to reach Glennallen, but from that point it's 115 miles south on the Richardson Highway.

From Anchorage it's 118 miles northeast on the Glenn Highway to reach Glennallen. The drive from Anchorage to Valdez averages about 5.5 hours. From Fairbanks it's 363 miles south on the Richardson Highway to reach Valdez. The drive from Fairbanks to Valdez averages about 6.5 hours.

Flights in and out of Valdez can be temperamental, and the planes flying in are smaller and subject to weather. Sequential multiple day cancellations are not infrequent. Cloud cover, fog, blizzards, and high winds are all able to close out flights to and from Valdez. There are no scheduled buses to Valdez to rely on for a backup.

Drive in Valdez, Alaska
Fill `er Up
How Are Your Supplies?

It's a long drive for most people covering the ground between Glennallen and Valdez. You'll always want to make sure you have enough fuel to cover the stretch.

In summer make sure you have plenty of water or fluides. This area can see temps in the 80's and if you're stuck in construction you'll want something to keep you hydrated.

Be Prepaired
Consider Rental Insurance

When renting a car or RV consider rental insurance. If anything goes wrong you can leave the troubles with the keys and vehicle when you drop it off. Using your own insurance to cover damages can be a very large headache.

Alaska Fish and Game estimated likely more than 800 moose are hit by vehicles each year in Alaska. Your odds of hitting a moose go up 70% in winter.

The road to adventure.

Driving to Valdez, Alaska.

The drive from Glennallen is one of the most beautiful stretches of road in North America. As you leave Glennallen towards Valdez there are wonderful views of the Wrangell Mountains to the left for the first few miles. From 108-88 Mile the highway is pretty flat and lined with spruce blocking out any mountain views in the distance.

From 88 Mile heading south you begin to enter the highlights of the drive. 60-46 Mile is heavy with moose, be mindful when driving that area. In winter it is not uncommon for moose to sleep on this part of the highway.

Valdez, Alaska map

Richardson Highway

A Guide By the Milemarker
  • -4Valdez technically 4 miles past the Richardson Highway 0 Mile Marker. All Services
  • -0.6Yellow Flashing Light. Acres Kwik Trip gas station, market, laundromat, south along highway. Airport Road, turn north for the Valdez airport, Valdez Glacier campground, and Valdez Glacier Lake.
  • 0Located 4 miles east of Valdez, Milepost 0 begins at Alaska Ave, the main street for Old Valdez.
  • .23Mark's Repair. Vehicle repair services.
  • 2KOA RV Campground
  • 2.8Dayville Rd. Turn south to head to the fish hatchery.
  • 13.4Horsetail Falls Pullout
  • 13.8Bridal Veil Falls Pullout
  • 15Historic Train Tunnel Pullout
  • 15.4Historic Train Tunnel Pullout
  • 19Welcome to Valdez sign
  • 24Blueberry Lake State Recreation Site. Camping & Restrooms (June-Sept)
  • 26Thompson Pass
  • 29Worthington Glacier. Day parking and hiking. Restrooms (June-Sept)
  • 35Tsaina Lodge
  • 60Pump Station 12 for the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. Not open to public.
  • 79Tonsina River Lodge, Russian restaurant, bar, lodging, RV Park
  • 79.4Squirrel Creek State Recreation Site Camping
  • 82.5Edgerton Highway Junction. Turn for Kenny Lake, Chitina, McCarthy, Kennicott.
  • 87.8Willow Lake Pull Off. Great Views of Wrangell Mountains.
  • 101.6Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge
  • 106.8Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve Visitor Center
  • 111.2Tazlina Gas Stationgas
  • 115Glennallen. Glenn Highway/ Richardson Highway Junction. All Services