Glaciers in Valdez

What Glaciers to See in Valdez
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Glaciers of Valdez

Valdez is known for glaciers. However they are melting and every year the get a little smaller and a little further from the nearest parking lot.

There are 5 major glaciers around Valdez that attract tourist. Worthington Glacier, Valdez Glacier, Columbia Glacier, Meares Glacier, and Shoup Glacier. All of these glaciers can be access by tour operators in Valdez.

If you're considering independently on a glacier please read our page on glacier safety. All of these glacier have unrestricted access but each one has their own potentially fatal hazards.

Alaska Guide Co. offers Valdez Glacier Icebergs and inland glacier tours. Pangaea offers sea kayaking glacier tours. See our day cruises page to see about cruises to the glaciers.

Glaciers in Valdez, Alaska

Worthington Glacier

Worthington Glacier is the first main glacier visitors see on their drive into Valdez down the Richardson Highway. The turn off to the glacier is located at milepost 29.5. The glacier has a large parking lot with bus and RV parking as well parking for standard vehicles.

Valdez Glacier

Valdez Glacier is located at the end of Airport Road. The turn to Airport Rd is 3 miles outside of Valdez and the drive to the end is an additional 3 miles. The road ends with a large gravel parking lot at Glacier View Park. If you're looking up directions on Google Maps enter "Glacier View Park Valdez Alaska." As of over 2018 and 2019 the glacier receded back around the corner so only a small portion of the glacier is viewable from the park. However the lake is full of icebergs that can drift up to the shore.

Shoup Glacier

Shoup Glacier is located on the far in of Port Valdez from Valdez. It can be accessed by hiking 6.5 miles along the Shoup Bay Trail and then out along the shore to the glacier. Other options to access the glacier are by kayaking, boat taxi's or on a flightseeing tour or custom helicopter charter.

Columbia Glacier

Columbia Glacier is one of the fastest receding glaciers on the planet. It's also one of the largest tidewater glaciers in Alaska. To visit Columbia Glacier you will either need to take a day cruise, flightseeing tour, or an open water kayaking tour.